Bush Camp (2) Photos

Eagle - Scouts - 3 months ago (18 Dec 16) Dsc03780

I found these photos on my camera, that I’d forgotten to publish before!


Season's Greetings from Magill Scout Group!

Web Master - Parents - 3 months ago (17 Dec 16) String_christmas_lights

We reached the end of another year filled with lots of Scouting activities. We hope you enjoyed them and look forward to see you all back when we return on the 30th of January 2017.

In the mean time, leaders and parent committee members of Magill Scout Group wish you all a happy and safe festive season and best wishes for 2017!

URGENT meeting re: Future of our Scout Section

Chairperson - Parents - 5 months ago (03 Nov 16)

Emergency meeting to discuss the future of the Magill Scout Section.

As you are aware the current Scout leaders would like to retire and we are seeking new leaders for 2017 for them to mentor to take on the role for next year and beyond. This is a serious situation. If we have no leaders in the Scout section, it will go into recess and possibly signal the ultimate demise of the whole Group. All the local groups around our district are full and it would be difficult to take on more Scouts.

This Group has a great parent committee, a great hall and wonderful camaraderie so why would you want to leave with your children? Fortunately a new Group Leader has come our way and she will be starting soon once her paperwork has been completed.

Magill Scout Group does have a future.

I understand everyone is much busier than we were 20 years ago and you may think, “Oh I can’t do that I don’t have the skills”. That is what Martin said and he has had a wonderful ten years in Scouts and the Scouting youth have learnt so much from him and Graham.

We would like to recruit new leaders with a long term commitment to the group such as Joey or Cub parents; however this does not preclude current Scout parents from applying. Of course there may be someone out there who has always had desire to become a leader, perhaps since they were involved as a Scout/Guide in their youth. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy taking on a leader role. Please invite them to the meeting.

So what is the process?
1. Talk to Martin and Graham about a leaders role
2. Attend the meeting on Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm where I will talk to parents about training (which incidentally you don’t pay for) plus other useful information. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.
3. At least two potential leaders would be wonderful even more would be fantastic. Some Scout groups have 4 leaders and two helpers.

Looking forward to meeting you all again on the 15th.

Kind Regards,

Kay Ealing
District Commissioner Adelaide Foothills
Acting Group Leader, Magill Scout Group

Photos from Scouts Ambulance Centre visit

Eagle - Scouts - 7 months ago (01 Sep 16)

Hi All,

Some photos from last term’s Ambulance Centre visit are here:


I also found some old photos from Roonka 2013:




An overview of the past year and a bit...

Web Master - Parents - 10 months ago (07 Jun 16)

Upcoming Events

Night Hike Norton Summit - Morialta Park

Opposite the Scenic Hotel at Norton Summit, we will meet in the car park ;

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Joeys and Cubs will go to Latitude for an end of term excursion. Latitude

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School Term 2 Start

School Term is starting.

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School Term 3 Start

School Term is starting.

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School Term 4 Start

School Term is starting.

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