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Photos from the Cubs Night Hike

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We had the opportunity to take two koala group selfies.

Newsletter Dec 2017

Check out all the latest news from 1st Magill Scout Group.
Thanks to Colleen (Assistant Cub Leader) for putting this together.

Newsletter Sep 2017

Check out all the latest news from 1st Magill Scout Group.
Thanks to Colleen (Assistant Cub Leader) for putting this together.

Group Leader

Dear Magill Scout Group members,

As of Sunday 10th September, Heather has resigned as Group Leader (GL), due to constant ill Health and a heavy workload as a theatre nurse. She wanted to be at the hall meeting parents on a regular basis but due to work pressures cannot fulfill this role as well as she would like. I will take over as Leader in Charge (LIC) until January 31st when I retire as District Commissioner.

I do hope that someone will take on the role of GL and I would be happy to mentor them. Much of the work can be done at home, with visits to the sections from time to time. The outline of the GL’s role is enclosed below so anyone interested can see what is required. Please feel free to ring me to discuss this position.

Kay Ealing
District Commissioner
Mb 0411 111 917

Box Caving Preparations


The scouts have been working over the last few weeks on an event they are running for the Cubs and Joeys next week: box caving!

There are some blurry mobile phone photos of last week’s preparations at

… they might hint at whats coming … but they don’t show that we have used more than 50 boxes!

Grey Wolf Hike

Img_9161 Img_9178 Img_9194 Img_9217 Img_20170826_103909

On the 26/8/17 I had my Grey Wolf Hike, me(Patrick), Oscar, Jackson and Dingo saw a Koala on the ground just as we were about to start! We went on the second falls gorge hike, about three and a half kilometres later we saw a Kangaroo that was at least five feet tall and three metres in front of us(it was really cool)!

A while after that we took a wrong turn so we ended up going 375 ish metres higher than sea level. When we found the right track again there was a mound of rocks so we put one rock on each and i lead a scout’s own there.

When we had nearly finished the track was really slippery (everyone slipped over). When we finished the hike was two hours and fifteen minutes (six kilometres) we had some Skittles along the way and some timtams at the end as a celebration snack. I thought the hike went extremely well!

By Patrick (grey sixer)

Annual Report 2017

The 1st Magill Scouts annual report for 2017 is now available for anyone interested in the status of our Group as a whole and for each section individually. A PDF is attached below.

Night Hike!

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The scouts and linking cubs enjoyed fantastic views on a short but strenuous hike up to the top of Black Hill…

… photos courtesy of Dingo.

Scouts join forces to put out fires!

Fire_pic_2 Fire_pic_1

By Sharon Gulley-Frith, Parent Assistant, Magill Scouts

Magill Scouts got together with a few of the Pembroke Scouts to learn all about the Why, What and How of using fire extinguishers.

Paul Franklin from Chubb Training Group presented an informative and hands on session about Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training. The night gave the scouts an opportunity to learn about valuable fire safety information as well as an understanding of what actions need to be taken if they are ever faced with a fire emergency.

Scouts also learnt about the different types of fires, how fires can spread rapidly and the dangers of smoke in a fire situation. Best of all, the Scouts each had the chance to use a couple of different extinguishers first hand and experience for themselves how it feels to handle an extinguisher to put out a fire.

It was a great night, with badges being signed off and Scouts, leaders and even parents being keen to get involved and have a go. The scouts found the dry chemical extinguishers to be the most impressive, the noise and freezing cloud of powder both got good reactions.

Bush Camp (2) Photos


I found these photos on my camera, that I’d forgotten to publish before!

Season's Greetings from Magill Scout Group!


We reached the end of another year filled with lots of Scouting activities. We hope you enjoyed them and look forward to see you all back when we return on the 30th of January 2017.

In the mean time, leaders and parent committee members of Magill Scout Group wish you all a happy and safe festive season and best wishes for 2017!

URGENT meeting re: Future of our Scout Section

Emergency meeting to discuss the future of the Magill Scout Section.

As you are aware the current Scout leaders would like to retire and we are seeking new leaders for 2017 for them to mentor to take on the role for next year and beyond. This is a serious situation. If we have no leaders in the Scout section, it will go into recess and possibly signal the ultimate demise of the whole Group. All the local groups around our district are full and it would be difficult to take on more Scouts.

This Group has a great parent committee, a great hall and wonderful camaraderie so why would you want to leave with your children? Fortunately a new Group Leader has come our way and she will be starting soon once her paperwork has been completed.

Magill Scout Group does have a future.

I understand everyone is much busier than we were 20 years ago and you may think, “Oh I can’t do that I don’t have the skills”. That is what Martin said and he has had a wonderful ten years in Scouts and the Scouting youth have learnt so much from him and Graham.

We would like to recruit new leaders with a long term commitment to the group such as Joey or Cub parents; however this does not preclude current Scout parents from applying. Of course there may be someone out there who has always had desire to become a leader, perhaps since they were involved as a Scout/Guide in their youth. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy taking on a leader role. Please invite them to the meeting.

So what is the process?
1. Talk to Martin and Graham about a leaders role
2. Attend the meeting on Tuesday 15th November at 7.30pm where I will talk to parents about training (which incidentally you don’t pay for) plus other useful information. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.
3. At least two potential leaders would be wonderful even more would be fantastic. Some Scout groups have 4 leaders and two helpers.

Looking forward to meeting you all again on the 15th.

Kind Regards,

Kay Ealing
District Commissioner Adelaide Foothills
Acting Group Leader, Magill Scout Group

Photos from Scouts Ambulance Centre visit

Hi All,

Some photos from last term’s Ambulance Centre visit are here:

I also found some old photos from Roonka 2013:



An overview of the past year and a bit...

An open letter to Magill Scout Group

Dear Parents and Guardians of Magill Scout Group,

Further to the recent loss of our long serving Group Leader (GL), Marco Hess, we are not only searching for a replacement GL but we also need volunteers to become adult helpers and assistant leaders in all sections of the Group – Joeys, Cubs and Scouts.

The Group also needs some new faces with fresh ideas to help run the Parents Committee in various roles, including fund-raising to help with running costs, facilities upgrades and external activities associated with the Group.

Many of the current leaders and committee members have been in their roles for a long time. Some have been doing these jobs for years after their own children have finished with Scouts altogether. These leaders and committee members would relish the chance to take a step back while coaching and encouraging someone new to take over in the mid to long term.

If you are reading this and are at all concerned about the on-going viability of the Group to continue providing great activities and opportunities for your children then please consider coming onboard in some capacity to help out. Scout Groups such as Magill simply cannot exist without the help of dedicated volunteers.

The AGM on Tuesday 7th Junewould be a great time to offer your help, or simply contact our acting GL, Kay Ealing at home on 8251 3250, mobile 0411 111 91, or by email at


Magill Scout Group

Cuboree Parent Information Sheet

Hi Cubs and Parents,
Please find below some information regarding the upcoming Cuboree.
If you have any questions please ask your Cub Leader.

AGM and Farewell to Marco

Information for families about Marco Hess Group Leader

Dear Families of Magill Scout Group,

Marco has decided for family reasons to take leave from Magill Scout Group,however Marco will not be returning and at the Annual General Meeting and Pancake night on Tuesday 7th June, everyone will have the opportunity to say Goodbye to Marco and thank him for all his fabulous work he has given to Magill over the years. Marco will remain quietly in the background looking after the Magill website so we have not lost him entirely.

No replacement has been found for Marco and I have had to take on the role as Acting Group Leader, until such time as we can replace Marco. As I already am the District Commissioner for the Adelaide Foothills District I cannot give this role the attention it deserves, therefore it is imperative someone takes the role as I cannot continue to keep doing the GL role in the long term. I am happy to talk with anyone who would like to know more about this position.

Information about the AGM will be coming out shortly; it will be shared night for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts, who are going to cook pancakes for everyone. We will be looking for new committee members to keep Magill alive and growing.“No Committee therefore no Group.” I will contacting some parents personally who may have the skills to be on this group of supportive parents and I urge you to think about how you may be able to help.

I have included my contact details if any parent would like to talk with me, please try my home number first, it does take messages.

Looking forward to meeting lots of parents on the evening of the AGM.

Yours in Scouting
Kay Ealing
DC Adelaide Foothills
Acting GL of Magill
8251 3250
0411 111 917

Term 1 Newsletter

Welcome back everyone. Please find our Term 1 newsletter attached.

AJ 2016


AJ2016 turned out to be a very different experience to what we all expected it to be. AJ2016 was still fantastic and many great memories and friendships were made.

Each day of the Jamboree was different. For the first four days it was raining continually. It rarely stopped which meant getting around the camp site sometimes became difficult. Although there was a lot of rain and it was muddy everywhere we turned each and every scout got out in the rain, completed the set activity and enjoyed all of it. Unfortunately many of the scout’s camp gear got wet and was unable to use.

But praise the S.A. Contingent they had a big heater in the contingent where we could take our clothes and sleeping gear up to dry. Through these four days many of us got saturated but we didn’t let that upset us or dampen our spirits and we continued to venture off to the activities the next day. Most of our scouts were lucky and we didn’t have many or any activities cancelled on us only a few were changed to suit the weather.

There was a very good varies of activities. A couple of the off-site activities were City sights which is where we caught a bus into Sydney and as patrols spent the day walking around Circular Quay as well as getting on a ferry to spend an hour over in Manly. Another activity that was a favourite by many scouts was going to Botany Bay to complete many water activities.

Another favourite of the scouts was Jamberoo. Jamberoo is a big water park with many different slides that we could all go on over the course of the day. Some of the on-site activities that we participated in were Cirque Du Scout where we were taught some circus skills, Adventure where we completed a series of different activities ran by venturers and rovers. One of the favourite activities that were part of Adventure was challenge valley. Challenge Valley was an obstacle course set up by Venturers.

We had some great night time entertainment which included Justice Crew who performed at the opening ceremony, AJ’s got talent which happened over many nights, a carnival with many different rides that we could go on and for the closing ceremony we had Samantha Jade and Cyrus.

AJ2016 was definitely a different experience to our normal scout camps. It left many scouts tired and in need of a good night’s sleep but that was the plan from the start. Many great memories were made and many friendships were formed throughout the camp site. It was also twelve days that 10,000 scouts will never forget.

Written by Chloe Holliss

Welcome back!

The first few days of the Jamboree in Sydney was a ‘bit’ wet but other than that, our Scouts had a great time with all sorts of adventurous activities and seeing some of Sydney and its surrounds.

Now that we all had some time to relax and school has started again, it is also time for another year of Scouting.

Please have a look at the term programs at for what is planned. If your section program is not there yet check in a little while as it still being finalised.

Meeting times are like last year, so:

  • Joeys – Tuesday 6:15 to 7:15 PM
  • Cubs – Tuesdays 7:15 to 8:30 PM
  • Scouts – Mondays 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Enjoy the coming year!

Marco Hess

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