Adelaide Foothills


From the badges on our uniform, you may remember that Magill Scout Group is part of the Eastern Districts.

From the beginning of this year, Scouts SA has busy with a reorganization of the various districts around our state.

The Eastern Districts as such is merging with 4 groups of the the Ardtornish District making a total of 13 groups within the new district.

In the last month, Lisa (the District Commissioner for the new district) has been soliciting input and having discussions to come up with a name for the new district and now the votes are in. The new name is going to be:

Adelaide Foothills

There has also been some work done on a new district badge of which the attached picture is the current proposal.

Officially, the new district will come into being at the 1st of January and there will be a launch event in February.

Stay tuned for more on this …