Queen Scout award for Lloyd Ings


Pictured on the right is Lloyd Ings receiving his Queens Scout award from Eastern/Adelaide Foothills District Commissioner Lisa Preston.

Lloyd started Scouting as a Cub with Magill Scout group in 2003 and went all the way through to Scouts achieving the Australian Scout Medallion.

In 2010 (just after the 2010 Jamboree) Lloyd then followed his sister Rachael (also a Queen Scout) and joined the Beaumont Venturers Unit.

The Queens Scout Award is highly regarded and represents a significant achievement for which Lloyd had to:

  • Set a goal.
  • Plan your progress towards that goal.
  • Organise yourself and others.
  • Maintain the determination to complete the task while overcoming setbacks and difficulties.

At Magill Scout Group we are very proud to have been a part of Lloyd’s journey towards his Queen Scout Award.

Congratulations Lloyd!