Cohen Cup For Scouts

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Our scouts had planned and practiced for Cohen Cup all through Term 2. They did extremely well organising themselves and practising their cooking and camp preparations.

Unfortunately the extreme wet weather flooded out parts of the camp site at Virginia which meant only the competitive patrols entered to the event could attend. Magill had one such patrol attend. You can see all the water lying around in the photos attached from the camp site at Virginia.

We continued to suffer some extreme weather on Saturday but were lucky enough to have the sun out on Sunday to dry things off before pack up.

The patrol was required to set up their own camp site, including all marquee’s, tents, perimeter fencing, gateway structure, and then organise and prepare 4 meals for which an independent leader would attend. They were judged on two of the meals, a 3 course dinner on Saturday night and then Sunday breakfast. They were also judged on their camp layout, hygiene, fire protection and other aspects of their camp site.

The remaining 3 patrols attended Magill’s own Cohen Cup event held at the hall. They prepared some fantastic food for the judging and also set up tents for their own overnight sleep out at the Hall.

Well done to all the scouts for their efforts and we look forward to tasting your wonderful camp food on future camps.