AJ 2016


AJ2016 turned out to be a very different experience to what we all expected it to be. AJ2016 was still fantastic and many great memories and friendships were made.

Each day of the Jamboree was different. For the first four days it was raining continually. It rarely stopped which meant getting around the camp site sometimes became difficult. Although there was a lot of rain and it was muddy everywhere we turned each and every scout got out in the rain, completed the set activity and enjoyed all of it. Unfortunately many of the scout’s camp gear got wet and was unable to use.

But praise the S.A. Contingent they had a big heater in the contingent where we could take our clothes and sleeping gear up to dry. Through these four days many of us got saturated but we didn’t let that upset us or dampen our spirits and we continued to venture off to the activities the next day. Most of our scouts were lucky and we didn’t have many or any activities cancelled on us only a few were changed to suit the weather.

There was a very good varies of activities. A couple of the off-site activities were City sights which is where we caught a bus into Sydney and as patrols spent the day walking around Circular Quay as well as getting on a ferry to spend an hour over in Manly. Another activity that was a favourite by many scouts was going to Botany Bay to complete many water activities.

Another favourite of the scouts was Jamberoo. Jamberoo is a big water park with many different slides that we could all go on over the course of the day. Some of the on-site activities that we participated in were Cirque Du Scout where we were taught some circus skills, Adventure where we completed a series of different activities ran by venturers and rovers. One of the favourite activities that were part of Adventure was challenge valley. Challenge Valley was an obstacle course set up by Venturers.

We had some great night time entertainment which included Justice Crew who performed at the opening ceremony, AJ’s got talent which happened over many nights, a carnival with many different rides that we could go on and for the closing ceremony we had Samantha Jade and Cyrus.

AJ2016 was definitely a different experience to our normal scout camps. It left many scouts tired and in need of a good night’s sleep but that was the plan from the start. Many great memories were made and many friendships were formed throughout the camp site. It was also twelve days that 10,000 scouts will never forget.

Written by Chloe Holliss