Working Bee - Thanks!


A big thank you to all the people big and small who contributed in whatever way to the Working Bee at our hall. An amazing amount of jobs have been done. We can all be very proud of the work we put in. Some of the things that got done where:

  • The ceilings in the toilets got a good scraping of all the loose paint and we had a good go at repainting them (we need to revisit this at a later date).
  • The gutter at the back of the hall has been properly reattached and cleaned so rainwater now gets into the rainwater tank again instead of overrunning the edge of the gutter.
  • The whirly-vents on the roof received some TLC so the may less noise when turning.
  • The corrugated iron from the back fence got reattached properly.
  • The kitchen received a new coat of paint (we also need to revisit this later).
  • The kitchen also got a good clean.
  • All the benches get some good looking over and most of them got sanded and received a new coat of Estapol.
  • We cleaned out the main Q-store and all the items had a look over as to what we want to keep and what not.
  • The back wall in the main Q-store got moved out and we now have almost doubled the available storage area!
  • Al the valuable items in the Q-store got noted and photographed for cataloging.
  • The leaders den got a good clean out.

The picture is from a moment halfway the day where we had all the Q-store contents out and it was a bit of an organised chaos, but we managed to put it all back again :-)

Thanks again for all your contributions. Whatever it was, big or small, it is very much appreciated and we can all be very proud!