Thank you!

To all of you that came out to help for the Working Bee today, thank you so much. We got so much done, it is absolutely fantastic. Here is a list of things that got done or worked on:

  • The main Q-store got the new shelving installed and with the extra shelve space we were able to put ALL the ‘every time’ camping gear including tents, eskies, patrol boxes, cooking equipment, etc., together in one rack. All the other ‘sometimes’ gear got put away as well and we still have shelf space left and room to move! The secondary Q-store that used to have tents and patrol boxes is now relegated to just ‘stuff’ we only occasionally use.
  • The electricity in the Q-store got rewired to ensure that all the lights in the Q-store and the meeting room at the back are attached to the right switches and also we got a bunch of power points put in so we now can charge our camp lanterns while they are stored in the Q-store!
  • The kitchen walls and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint.
  • The kitchen got a proper clean.
  • The outside kitchen door got sanded and a first coat of paint.
  • The boys toilet ceiling got a fresh coat of paint.
  • The missing whirly bird vent on the roof got replaced with a new one.
  • The meeting room re-cladding got started and all the old ceiling has been removed and two sheets of new cladding have been mounted but this job proved to be a bit more work than thought so that remains unfinished.
  • The leaders room got a proper tidy up.
  • The cardboard boxes on the stage got neatly put away.
  • The camping patrol boxes got rechecked.
  • A leader only camping patrol box got checked and restocked.
  • The den under the stage got a tidy up and vacuum clean.
  • The Scouts & Cubs cooked us BBQ lunch sausages! Thank you!

Again, thank you all so much! We can all be proud on our achievements