Mysterious Wolf Visiting Joey's at Sleepover!

Img_2606 Img_2603

Tonight, Joeys from Magill, Tranmere and Beaumont just finished a challenging Fun-Bun-Run event in which they collected the ingredients for a hamburger and ate it.

And while unsuspectingly lazing about on the playground after tea, they got a surprise mystery visitor!

A gigantic grey wolf appeared on the playground! Check out the pictures that this reporter was able to snap!

Luckily the wolf appeared quite friendly and there was plenty of hugs and cuddling going on and the wolf even had time for a quick game of hide and seek!

We just had time for a quick group picture with the wolf but with the busy sleepover program, Joeys retreated to the Scout Hall for a next activity and after that, the whereabouts of the mysterious wolf remain unknown.