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Magill Cubs are Full!


Hello Magill Families and friends. Please note that at the moment and the foreseeable future our Cub section is completely full.

We are not able to take any more Cubs.

There is still room for Joeys and some Scouts, but Cubs is definitely full!

Please contact our Group Leader Marco Hess on for information on how to be placed on a waiting list for Cubs!

Alternatively, the following groups DO have room for more Cubs:

Also, if you ever thought about volunteering to help out with our Cub section as either a helpful parent or even better to join our leader team, NOW IS THE TIME! WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

Ambulance Station Visit


Last year, we had an interesting and fun visit to the local Ambulance station

Just now I found a few photos on my phone, of the moment where Karen had to be restrained……

Jamboree AJ2013 - All Over


Our scouts and leaders have made it all back safely from the Jamboree in Maryborough Qld. They have had a fantastic time doing some amazing activities and challenging themselves in the activities they participated in.
We look forward to sharing some amazing stories and photos of the scouts in action at AJ2013 with you all.
Links to photos will be provided if you are interested.
Thanks to all of you and the local community in relation to helping with the fund raising work to assist getting our scouts and leaders to this event.
We look forward to other scouts and cubs from Magill having this opportunity themselves at AJ 2016 in Sydney.

Refurbished Meeting Room!

018 099 094

After many months of diligent work from a number of people, we finally finished the refurbishment of the meeting room at our Scout hall!

See the pictures on the side. The one at the top is the finished room, freshly painted and with new furniture and new flooring.

Below it is “before” look and the last picture a bit of the roof that had fallen of.

Also note that we were only able to get to this result through the generous support of a grant from Bendigo Bank and their Back to Grass Roots Funding Program.

Many thanks also Choices Flooring by Fred Cetta and Sons, 635 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown. They were really helpful from start to finish and they provided the flooring at a hugely discounted price, and arranged for a fitter at a reduced rate too!

Then last but not least, a huge thank you to Graham and John for their in plastering the ceiling and walls, and to Chrissi for her fantastic work in painting it all and her initial work in securing the grant and arranging the flooring.

Queen Scout award for Lloyd Ings


Pictured on the right is Lloyd Ings receiving his Queens Scout award from Eastern/Adelaide Foothills District Commissioner Lisa Preston.

Lloyd started Scouting as a Cub with Magill Scout group in 2003 and went all the way through to Scouts achieving the Australian Scout Medallion.

In 2010 (just after the 2010 Jamboree) Lloyd then followed his sister Rachael (also a Queen Scout) and joined the Beaumont Venturers Unit.

The Queens Scout Award is highly regarded and represents a significant achievement for which Lloyd had to:

  • Set a goal.
  • Plan your progress towards that goal.
  • Organise yourself and others.
  • Maintain the determination to complete the task while overcoming setbacks and difficulties.

At Magill Scout Group we are very proud to have been a part of Lloyd’s journey towards his Queen Scout Award.

Congratulations Lloyd!

Adelaide Foothills


From the badges on our uniform, you may remember that Magill Scout Group is part of the Eastern Districts.

From the beginning of this year, Scouts SA has busy with a reorganization of the various districts around our state.

The Eastern Districts as such is merging with 4 groups of the the Ardtornish District making a total of 13 groups within the new district.

In the last month, Lisa (the District Commissioner for the new district) has been soliciting input and having discussions to come up with a name for the new district and now the votes are in. The new name is going to be:

Adelaide Foothills

There has also been some work done on a new district badge of which the attached picture is the current proposal.

Officially, the new district will come into being at the 1st of January and there will be a launch event in February.

Stay tuned for more on this …

Annual Parent Meeting

This coming Tuesday, we have our Annual Parent Meeting in which we go over the year past and how we have been going with our Scout group.

It’s a celebration of what we achieved as a community for our children and an opportunity to acknowledge the work of our volunteer leaders as well as parent committee members.

We hope you join us for this short interlude from 7:00PM to 7:30PM between the Joey and Cub section meetings on Tuesday the 28th August.


A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to Saturday’s Monster Garage Sale.

Whether it was donation of goods, baking, helping set up, pack up, on a stall, buying goods (sorry if I’ve missed anything)…

We took a whopping $1703!

The scouts were just fantastic too, as were the cubs who also helped out – what a great bunch of young people 1st Magill Scout Group has.

Kyton Bakery Hot Cross Buns & Lamingtons


Please help our Scouts get to the Jamboree in 2013 and purchase some of these famous Kytons Bakery hot cross buns and / or lamingtons.

The order form is attached below.

Orders are due on Tuesday 27th or March and will be available for collection on the 3rd of April.

Cubs and Scouts please note that your last activity based in the hall will be Tuesday 13th March !

An should you need it the website address is

Ahoy matey!


For this year group camp, t’ Pirates o’ t’ Murray be invadin’ Roonka.

Be sure t’ be part o’ this journey and Click here for all th’ information ye need!

Report to th’ first matey wit’ ye forms ‘n gold coins by th’ 28th ’o February!

Shoeboxes of Love Update


Remember the 29 shoeboxes all Joeys, Cubs and Scouts packed back in September?
We received notification they are packed in containers and shipped to Bangkok, Thailand.

The message we received…
“We are very excited to inform you that your boxes are now on way to THAILAND, aboard the vessel KOTA LUMAYAN V028 which is due to arrive in BANGKOK on 26/12/11 .
How excited will a child be to receive your specially prepared box in the very near future!
Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to prepare and send these messages of love!”

Challenge Hill Joeys

All Joeys from the Eastern District (including some 15 from Magill) had a go at Challenge Hill in Woodhouse!

Mysterious Wolf Spotted Again!

Cuboree2 Cuboree1

The mysterious wolf that was spotted just a few weeks ago at the Joey sleepover was spotted again!

This time at the Cuboree at Woodhouse hugging and cuddling Cubs, Leaders and even the Chief Commissioner!

The wolf (at the Cuboree known as “Grey Brother”) was even seen on the centre stage during the presentations of well earned “Grey Wolf” awards to a number of Cubs as well as being cheeky with the members of the Gang Show during their performance entertaining the Cubs on Saturday night.

The Cuboree at Woodhouse had more than 1000 Cubs. Going of water slides, shooting air canons, crawling through lots of mud, and climbing walls are just a few of the activities that were available.

Mysterious Wolf Visiting Joey's at Sleepover!

Img_2606 Img_2603

Tonight, Joeys from Magill, Tranmere and Beaumont just finished a challenging Fun-Bun-Run event in which they collected the ingredients for a hamburger and ate it.

And while unsuspectingly lazing about on the playground after tea, they got a surprise mystery visitor!

A gigantic grey wolf appeared on the playground! Check out the pictures that this reporter was able to snap!

Luckily the wolf appeared quite friendly and there was plenty of hugs and cuddling going on and the wolf even had time for a quick game of hide and seek!

We just had time for a quick group picture with the wolf but with the busy sleepover program, Joeys retreated to the Scout Hall for a next activity and after that, the whereabouts of the mysterious wolf remain unknown.

Shoebox of Love Project


Back in September we packed 29 fantastic boxes destined for children overseas.

These boxes are being tracked for us and here is our first message about their progress…

…"This is just a short email to let you know that the shoe boxes you filled with gifts for children in South East Asia and the South Pacific have been received at our warehouse.

We will email you again when we know in which country your shoe box will be opened.

This is such an exciting time of the year and people all across Australia and New Zealand are busy preparing Christmas Gifts for children in need.

Many times this gift is the first one they will ever receive. Every shoe box is sending a message of hope and love, letting the children who receive the gift know that they are loved and that they have not been forgotten.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to prepare and send these messages of love!"

Thank you!

To all of you that came out to help for the Working Bee today, thank you so much. We got so much done, it is absolutely fantastic. Here is a list of things that got done or worked on:

  • The main Q-store got the new shelving installed and with the extra shelve space we were able to put ALL the ‘every time’ camping gear including tents, eskies, patrol boxes, cooking equipment, etc., together in one rack. All the other ‘sometimes’ gear got put away as well and we still have shelf space left and room to move! The secondary Q-store that used to have tents and patrol boxes is now relegated to just ‘stuff’ we only occasionally use.
  • The electricity in the Q-store got rewired to ensure that all the lights in the Q-store and the meeting room at the back are attached to the right switches and also we got a bunch of power points put in so we now can charge our camp lanterns while they are stored in the Q-store!
  • The kitchen walls and ceiling got a fresh coat of paint.
  • The kitchen got a proper clean.
  • The outside kitchen door got sanded and a first coat of paint.
  • The boys toilet ceiling got a fresh coat of paint.
  • The missing whirly bird vent on the roof got replaced with a new one.
  • The meeting room re-cladding got started and all the old ceiling has been removed and two sheets of new cladding have been mounted but this job proved to be a bit more work than thought so that remains unfinished.
  • The leaders room got a proper tidy up.
  • The cardboard boxes on the stage got neatly put away.
  • The camping patrol boxes got rechecked.
  • A leader only camping patrol box got checked and restocked.
  • The den under the stage got a tidy up and vacuum clean.
  • The Scouts & Cubs cooked us BBQ lunch sausages! Thank you!

Again, thank you all so much! We can all be proud on our achievements

ABC3 Behind The News Extra!

The ABC3 Behind The News Extra episode on the 17th of October featured scouts from Eastern District Scout groups Magill, College Park and Gilberton. Well done guys!

In case you missed it, we have a copy of that episode here and the video can also be downloaded from the ABC3 website by clicking the following link…

Cub Cook Off

Img_1155 Img_1154

Magill Cubs prepared an outstanding Asian feast for the Cub Cook Off on Sunday 14th August!

Magill Shoe Box Of Love Project

During the past terms, you may recall that we have been collecting bits and pieces for our Shoe Box Of Love project .

This term we are putting some extra focus on it to get ready for the packing of our shoe boxes at the end of this term so they are ready to be shipped and can arrive in time for Christmas.

Have a look at 6 minute short video to remind yourself on what the project is about.

Click here for the previous news items we posted at the beginning of the year with some more videos.

Family Details Survey

Dear 1st Magill Scout Group Families,

Please find attached a letter detailing a number of ideas to help and support our leaders in continuing with the good Scouting programs they already provide.

Please note survey form on the second page of the letter that we need every Magill family to fill out so we can update our records and implement the parent roster system as was discussed in the Parent Meeting of a few weeks ago.

We would appreciate if you return the filled in form ASAP to address or email address shown at the bottom of the form.

Thanks in advance.

Marco Hess
Group Leader

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