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Bianca (Bilby) receives her certificate


Congratulations to Bilby who was recently awarded her Certificate of Adult Leadership and woggle by our Leader-in-Charge Colleen at our AGM in early July.

We all appreciate her commitment to our group and the great support she provides to the cub section – thanks Bilby!

Anzac Day 2018

We received the following letter from the Magill RSL:

Thank you to all the Scouts, parents and leaders who very generously donated $150 for breakfast after the Dawn Service.

The club gets a great deal of satisfaction seeing the young people attending the Service, which they probably would not do, if not for leaders as yourself.

Your scouts were so enthusiastic to take part, so well-mannered, and they can eat lots of sausages!

Kind regards
Rosalie Hogan
Magill RSL

Photos from the Cubs Night Hike

2018-02-06_19 2018-02-06_19 2018-02-06_20 2018-02-06_20

We had the opportunity to take two koala group selfies.

Grey Wolf Hike

Img_9161 Img_9178 Img_9194 Img_9217 Img_20170826_103909

On the 26/8/17 I had my Grey Wolf Hike, me(Patrick), Oscar, Jackson and Dingo saw a Koala on the ground just as we were about to start! We went on the second falls gorge hike, about three and a half kilometres later we saw a Kangaroo that was at least five feet tall and three metres in front of us(it was really cool)!

A while after that we took a wrong turn so we ended up going 375 ish metres higher than sea level. When we found the right track again there was a mound of rocks so we put one rock on each and i lead a scout’s own there.

When we had nearly finished the track was really slippery (everyone slipped over). When we finished the hike was two hours and fifteen minutes (six kilometres) we had some Skittles along the way and some timtams at the end as a celebration snack. I thought the hike went extremely well!

By Patrick (grey sixer)

Cuboree Parent Information Sheet

Hi Cubs and Parents,
Please find below some information regarding the upcoming Cuboree.
If you have any questions please ask your Cub Leader.

Cubs Yurrebilla Day Hike

Screen_shot_2013-06-24_at_1 2013-06-22_09 2013-06-22_12

Today (Saturday 22nd of June) the Cubs had our Day Hike on the Yurrebilla Trail.

At 8:30 in the morning, with drizzling rain, Sarah, Elliott, Will and Tegan, along with Elliott’s Mum Catherine, Dingo and Myself set off from the inside Car Park at Morialta.

We hiked to the First Falls Car Park (About one kilometre).

From there we hiked 16 Km – up Central Trail to where we left it on our recent Night Hike, then followed the Yurrebilla Trail all the way to Linear Park.

Given that it was so far – in one Day – and for Cubs – I am seeking special permission from our District Leadership, to present these cubs with the Scouts 10 Km Hiking Badge. They WILL be given the badge regardless – BUT I hope, they will be allowed to wear it on their uniform.

VERY well done to those concerned,. This is an achievement that MANY adults could not manage……….Akela

We also had Min Wei and Zachary (and his’ Dad) join us for the last Six Kilometres.

Here is the GPS log of our hike:

Magill Cubs are Full!


Hello Magill Families and friends. Please note that at the moment and the foreseeable future our Cub section is completely full.

We are not able to take any more Cubs.

There is still room for Joeys and some Scouts, but Cubs is definitely full!

Please contact our Group Leader Marco Hess on for information on how to be placed on a waiting list for Cubs!

Alternatively, the following groups DO have room for more Cubs:

Also, if you ever thought about volunteering to help out with our Cub section as either a helpful parent or even better to join our leader team, NOW IS THE TIME! WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

Mysterious Wolf Spotted Again!

Cuboree2 Cuboree1

The mysterious wolf that was spotted just a few weeks ago at the Joey sleepover was spotted again!

This time at the Cuboree at Woodhouse hugging and cuddling Cubs, Leaders and even the Chief Commissioner!

The wolf (at the Cuboree known as “Grey Brother”) was even seen on the centre stage during the presentations of well earned “Grey Wolf” awards to a number of Cubs as well as being cheeky with the members of the Gang Show during their performance entertaining the Cubs on Saturday night.

The Cuboree at Woodhouse had more than 1000 Cubs. Going of water slides, shooting air canons, crawling through lots of mud, and climbing walls are just a few of the activities that were available.

Cub Cook Off

Img_1155 Img_1154

Magill Cubs prepared an outstanding Asian feast for the Cub Cook Off on Sunday 14th August!

Cubs Term 3 Program

Check out this Term’s activities especially the District Cub Camp. Forms and payment for the camp are due on Tuesday 3 August – so don’t miss out!!

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