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Firefighter Safety Visit

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On Tuesday the 13th, Joeys and Cubs were visited by the MFS, who did a fire safety demonstration. It was a great night, with lots of useful tips learned by all. Firefighter Phil did a wonderful job teaching the youth about a variety of home safety issues, including fire alarms, fire safety in the home and how to escape from a house fire.

Newsletter for April 2018

Get all the latest information and news about future events from 1st Magill Scout Group’s latest newsletter.

Newsletter Sep 2017

Check out all the latest news from 1st Magill Scout Group.
Thanks to Colleen (Assistant Cub Leader) for putting this together.

Group Leader

Dear Magill Scout Group members,

As of Sunday 10th September, Heather has resigned as Group Leader (GL), due to constant ill Health and a heavy workload as a theatre nurse. She wanted to be at the hall meeting parents on a regular basis but due to work pressures cannot fulfill this role as well as she would like. I will take over as Leader in Charge (LIC) until January 31st when I retire as District Commissioner.

I do hope that someone will take on the role of GL and I would be happy to mentor them. Much of the work can be done at home, with visits to the sections from time to time. The outline of the GL’s role is enclosed below so anyone interested can see what is required. Please feel free to ring me to discuss this position.

Kay Ealing
District Commissioner
Mb 0411 111 917

AGM and Farewell to Marco

Information for families about Marco Hess Group Leader

Dear Families of Magill Scout Group,

Marco has decided for family reasons to take leave from Magill Scout Group,however Marco will not be returning and at the Annual General Meeting and Pancake night on Tuesday 7th June, everyone will have the opportunity to say Goodbye to Marco and thank him for all his fabulous work he has given to Magill over the years. Marco will remain quietly in the background looking after the Magill website so we have not lost him entirely.

No replacement has been found for Marco and I have had to take on the role as Acting Group Leader, until such time as we can replace Marco. As I already am the District Commissioner for the Adelaide Foothills District I cannot give this role the attention it deserves, therefore it is imperative someone takes the role as I cannot continue to keep doing the GL role in the long term. I am happy to talk with anyone who would like to know more about this position.

Information about the AGM will be coming out shortly; it will be shared night for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts, who are going to cook pancakes for everyone. We will be looking for new committee members to keep Magill alive and growing.“No Committee therefore no Group.” I will contacting some parents personally who may have the skills to be on this group of supportive parents and I urge you to think about how you may be able to help.

I have included my contact details if any parent would like to talk with me, please try my home number first, it does take messages.

Looking forward to meeting lots of parents on the evening of the AGM.

Yours in Scouting
Kay Ealing
DC Adelaide Foothills
Acting GL of Magill
8251 3250
0411 111 917

Challenge Hill Joeys

All Joeys from the Eastern District (including some 15 from Magill) had a go at Challenge Hill in Woodhouse!

Mysterious Wolf Visiting Joey's at Sleepover!

Img_2606 Img_2603

Tonight, Joeys from Magill, Tranmere and Beaumont just finished a challenging Fun-Bun-Run event in which they collected the ingredients for a hamburger and ate it.

And while unsuspectingly lazing about on the playground after tea, they got a surprise mystery visitor!

A gigantic grey wolf appeared on the playground! Check out the pictures that this reporter was able to snap!

Luckily the wolf appeared quite friendly and there was plenty of hugs and cuddling going on and the wolf even had time for a quick game of hide and seek!

We just had time for a quick group picture with the wolf but with the busy sleepover program, Joeys retreated to the Scout Hall for a next activity and after that, the whereabouts of the mysterious wolf remain unknown.

Bandicoot Pictures presents Magill Joeys

Our Joey Leader Bandicoot went on a trip to England with his family and took the opportunity to meet up with the English Scout group 3rd Coventry Beavers (in England Joeys are called Beavers). To show the Coventry Beavers what Joeys in Australia do in Scouting, Bandicoot prepared this short video of Magill Joeys to show while he was there. Enjoy!

Term 3 2010 Joey Program

Please find attached the Joey Scout Program for Term 3 2010 with a range of fun activities. The Joey Scout Leaders have incorporated a number of ideas from the chat we had with Joeys at the end of last term.

Please note: We are trialling a Y4 parent advice and permission form covering the whole of Term 3 activities. If you are happy to submit this one form for all activities run by Joeys in Term 3, please print it out, complete and bring along on our first night back (Tuesday 20 July). This will save us collecting forms numerous times throughout the Term.

Term 2 Programs

Please find below the Joeys, Cubs & Scouts Programs for Term 2 2010.

Lot’s of things to do and importantly the Group Camp is our main feature. Families are encouraged to participate in the camp. We are bound to have plenty of fun and challenges!

To all families attending the ZooSnooze

A few important final details…

  • Please ensure your Joey or Cub is at the service entrance of Adelaide Zoo, off Botanic Drive by 5.00pm FRIDAY. Since the Zoo is closed to the public at this time, late entrance is not possible due to security issues.
  • Assemble on the footpath. Keep the driveway clear due to Zoo vehicles exiting from the service gate at this time
  • Car pool with other families – ask around on Tuesday night to organise.
  • Please wear full uniform. This includes shirt, scarf and where possible stone coloured pants or shorts. Navy/denim pants or shorts are a good alternative if stone is not possible.
  • Pack light – remember this is just a sleepover! Youth members will be expected to help with carrying their gear.
  • Suggested gear list: sleeping bag, pillow, small soft toy (if required), toothbrush, comb, pyjamas, jumper, change of clothes/underwear, hat and drink bottle.
  • Dilly bags are NOT required.
  • All torches must covered with red cellophane. Please don’t bring LED torches.
  • Make sure all gear is clearly labelled, so we may return any lost property.
  • Adults attending may bring their car into the Zoo grounds overnight.
  • Collection is at 9.00am Saturday from the Zoo – again consider car pooling with other families.

We are looking forward to a great event. Please contact Karyn Leicester (Joey Scout Leader) with any queries.

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