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Scout camp cooking nights

This year the scouts are planning to go to the Cohen Cup “Camp cooking” competition/camp, in Term 2. The dates are May 25 & 26, so mark these in your diary now.

We’ve been doing preparation this term.

The first preparation night was a joint cooking night with Pembroke scouts. Last time we did this, it was ‘us against them’, which was fun. This time we formed mixed teams from each group and that was also a great success.

Photos from that night are here:

The second preparation night was practice for the themed cooking – Mexican. This was not a competition – the scouts were practicing and learning to get the recipes for each course worked out.

Photos are here:

Hungry Hippo Board Repair Night

Img_20180823_202449 Img_20180906_190052 Img_20180906_190022

Scouts had a great evening repairing/renovating the “Hungry Hippo” boards.

Thanks to the excellent support from Adult helpers who stepped up: Dave, Rhys, Yvonne, Noel: couldn’t have done it without you!

Photos of construction activities are here:

We’ll have to get photos of the actual game some time soon, but we are usually all to busy laughing to take photos!

Air Activities Camp

Img_20180310_112711 Img_20180310_102632 Img_20180310_094738 Img_20180310_093009

We had a great time last weekend at Air Activities Camp.

The weather was again almost perfect, with calm conditions on Saturday morning for flying, and good wind on Sunday morning for Land Yachting.

We didn’t quite appreciate so much the 40 degrees on Saturday afternoon, but everyone held up bravely through that :)

12 photos are here:

Sorry I didn’t manage to catch every scout.

(The photos are only visible to people who are given this link.

If you want a photo removed, let me know.)

Box Caving Preparations


The scouts have been working over the last few weeks on an event they are running for the Cubs and Joeys next week: box caving!

There are some blurry mobile phone photos of last week’s preparations at

… they might hint at whats coming … but they don’t show that we have used more than 50 boxes!

Night Hike!

18519728_10154559572248302_6376137777485845102_n 18555995_10154559572158302_7508707122903154088_n 18485397_10154559572458302_566480663570539156_n

The scouts and linking cubs enjoyed fantastic views on a short but strenuous hike up to the top of Black Hill…

… photos courtesy of Dingo.

Scouts join forces to put out fires!

Fire_pic_2 Fire_pic_1

By Sharon Gulley-Frith, Parent Assistant, Magill Scouts

Magill Scouts got together with a few of the Pembroke Scouts to learn all about the Why, What and How of using fire extinguishers.

Paul Franklin from Chubb Training Group presented an informative and hands on session about Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training. The night gave the scouts an opportunity to learn about valuable fire safety information as well as an understanding of what actions need to be taken if they are ever faced with a fire emergency.

Scouts also learnt about the different types of fires, how fires can spread rapidly and the dangers of smoke in a fire situation. Best of all, the Scouts each had the chance to use a couple of different extinguishers first hand and experience for themselves how it feels to handle an extinguisher to put out a fire.

It was a great night, with badges being signed off and Scouts, leaders and even parents being keen to get involved and have a go. The scouts found the dry chemical extinguishers to be the most impressive, the noise and freezing cloud of powder both got good reactions.

Bush Camp (2) Photos


I found these photos on my camera, that I’d forgotten to publish before!

Photos from Scouts Ambulance Centre visit

Hi All,

Some photos from last term’s Ambulance Centre visit are here:

I also found some old photos from Roonka 2013:



Two days to go!


Well, we have almost come to the end of 2015 and in two days time, our small troop of Scouts from Magill head off on a journey of a lifetime to attend the Australian Jamboree in Sydney.

Our troop gear has been packed away in the tiny pelacon so thanks to the great efforts of our Scouts constructing the ‘pretend one’ you can all see at the Magill Hall.

Scouts need to report in at Magill Scout Hall with their packed contingent bags, day packs, water bottles, snacks for the bus ride and their sense of humour at 1pm on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Thanks to leaders and parents who have all helped during the year to get these Scouts ready for this event. You will find they come home very different people.

All the best


We had fun scouting Patrol Activity!


We had a great time at Woodhouse yesterday. The slide was definitely the favourite, but everyone seemed to have fun with the rest of Challenge Hill, hide and seek in the pines, frisbee golf (Kawindu’s hole-in-twos!), dam building and time out with handball.

You can see some photos here:

Thanks to Wei for planning it!

Jamboree Fundraising Raffle RESULTS


1st – J. Campbell
2nd – C. Fleming
3rd – P. Gough
4th – J. Bedman
5th – Tim
6th – T. Leech
7th – T. Secker
8th – M. Campbell
9th – D. McNamara
10th – E. Caprioli
11th – C. Victory
12th – K. Smith
13th – A. Gentilcore
14th – G. Romei
15th – P. Chua

Thanks to all those who helped with the success of the raffle. $5k fundraising proceeds earnt.

Australian Scout Jamboree AJ2016 Sydney

100_0809 100_1223 100_1230

The countdown to AJ2016 began late last year.

Scouts from Magill will be attending this event in the first week of 2016. Depending on numbers from Magill, we will join other Scout Troops from around the District or State, to form one Jamboree Troop. There is approximately 36 Scouts in each Troop and they are put into Patrols for the duration of this Event.

Scouts need to have achieved a level of competency with their Badgework which qualifies them for the Pioneer Badge. They must have slept at least 10 nights under canvas (in tents) prior to attending the Jamboree and 3 nights must be continuous for one event. This is all as Scouts at Scout events, not family trips or weekends away.

Their application needs to be endorsed and signed by the Magill Scout Leader the submitted to the Scouts SA Contingent Leader for final approval.

A preparation camp or Shakedown Camp is compulsory for all Scouts attending the Jamboree. This is on the long weekend in October School holidays so please lock this weekend in your Scout diaries. This is Friday evening 2nd Oct to Monday afternoon 5th Oct 2015.

We will travel by bus to Sydney and Cataract Park where the Jamboree. This bus will depart on 2nd January 2016 and we will return on Friday 15th January 2016.

The cost for this event is to be in the order of $2,000 which includes the fee payable to Scouts SA, plus a cost for the Troop fee and spending money allowance. This gives you an idea of the funds needed. It is great value when you look at it as $170/day for the time we are away. This includes meals, accommodation, travel costs, Jamboree clothing and travel bag, fantastic activities and even concerts and entertainment at the event.

Scouts undertake activities at the Jamboree site and also attend activities in and around Sydney and local areas.

Checkout the Official Jamboree Website and register for the enews so you stay up to date with the developments as we get closer to January 2016.

In the coming weeks, we will be seeking registration of interest from Magill Scouts as to who is planning to apply etc and who needs help with progression of badgework and camps etc. This will also help us as a Group plan for leader attendance, fundraising opportunities etc.

In the mean time, enjoy the promo video:

Click on the link below to download the flyer.

2015 Welcome Back to Scouting

Our Scouts start their Term 1 and 2015 Program tomorrow night, Monday 2 February 2015.

Usual time of 7pm start and 8.50pm finish.

It is a big year ahead of us as we all prepare and plan for the Australian Jamboree in January 2016. That is only 11 mths away for those wishing to consider attending.

Our program for Term 1 will be finalised by the Scouts tomorrow night and then presented to the Troop. We will have it uploaded for parents etc early in the week.

Most of the activities this Term will be based at Magill Hall.

We have our Group Family camp at Roonka on 14th – 16th March this term as well. It will be a water based activity camp.

We have a few District events to join in with as well but these will be on other days of the week and weekends.

Look forward to seeing you all as we progress through the Term 1.

Scouts on the trail in Kuitpo Forrest


Over half way on the Saturday and still in good spirits.

Fiji Centenary Jamboree

Some of our scouts have applied to attend the Fiji Centenary Jamboree to be held in August 2014.
To help pay their way, a number of fundraising activities have already been held (Mitre 10 BBQ’s) and further activities are planned in the months ahead.
These will include a proposed Garage Sale to be held at the Magill Hall.
If you have any ideas or thoughts for fundraising ideas, please let the scout leaders know during the term ahead.

Future Air Acitivities Camp - Scouts 2014

The Scouts are booked into the Armstrong airfield near Roonka on the weekend of 14th – 16th March 2014 for the Scout Air Activities Weekend.
Please keep this event in your diaries for the new year as it is a fantastic event for the scouts to participate in.

Cohen Cup For Scouts

Imag0790 Imag0777 Imag0786 Imag0781 Imag0792

Our scouts had planned and practiced for Cohen Cup all through Term 2. They did extremely well organising themselves and practising their cooking and camp preparations.

Unfortunately the extreme wet weather flooded out parts of the camp site at Virginia which meant only the competitive patrols entered to the event could attend. Magill had one such patrol attend. You can see all the water lying around in the photos attached from the camp site at Virginia.

We continued to suffer some extreme weather on Saturday but were lucky enough to have the sun out on Sunday to dry things off before pack up.

The patrol was required to set up their own camp site, including all marquee’s, tents, perimeter fencing, gateway structure, and then organise and prepare 4 meals for which an independent leader would attend. They were judged on two of the meals, a 3 course dinner on Saturday night and then Sunday breakfast. They were also judged on their camp layout, hygiene, fire protection and other aspects of their camp site.

The remaining 3 patrols attended Magill’s own Cohen Cup event held at the hall. They prepared some fantastic food for the judging and also set up tents for their own overnight sleep out at the Hall.

Well done to all the scouts for their efforts and we look forward to tasting your wonderful camp food on future camps.

Ambulance Station Visit


Last year, we had an interesting and fun visit to the local Ambulance station

Just now I found a few photos on my phone, of the moment where Karen had to be restrained……

Jamboree AJ2013 - All Over


Our scouts and leaders have made it all back safely from the Jamboree in Maryborough Qld. They have had a fantastic time doing some amazing activities and challenging themselves in the activities they participated in.
We look forward to sharing some amazing stories and photos of the scouts in action at AJ2013 with you all.
Links to photos will be provided if you are interested.
Thanks to all of you and the local community in relation to helping with the fund raising work to assist getting our scouts and leaders to this event.
We look forward to other scouts and cubs from Magill having this opportunity themselves at AJ 2016 in Sydney.

Queen Scout award for Lloyd Ings


Pictured on the right is Lloyd Ings receiving his Queens Scout award from Eastern/Adelaide Foothills District Commissioner Lisa Preston.

Lloyd started Scouting as a Cub with Magill Scout group in 2003 and went all the way through to Scouts achieving the Australian Scout Medallion.

In 2010 (just after the 2010 Jamboree) Lloyd then followed his sister Rachael (also a Queen Scout) and joined the Beaumont Venturers Unit.

The Queens Scout Award is highly regarded and represents a significant achievement for which Lloyd had to:

  • Set a goal.
  • Plan your progress towards that goal.
  • Organise yourself and others.
  • Maintain the determination to complete the task while overcoming setbacks and difficulties.

At Magill Scout Group we are very proud to have been a part of Lloyd’s journey towards his Queen Scout Award.

Congratulations Lloyd!

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