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ABC3 Behind The News Extra!

The ABC3 Behind The News Extra episode on the 17th of October featured scouts from Eastern District Scout groups Magill, College Park and Gilberton. Well done guys!

In case you missed it, we have a copy of that episode here and the video can also be downloaded from the ABC3 website by clicking the following link…

AJ2013 Promo Video

Scouts Beach Camp

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We had another nice relaxing (though at the same time hot and tiring!) camp at Normanville last weekend

Some photos are here:…

The weather was really perfect for just hanging out at the beach.

We all re-learned the early summer lesson of “you have to put sunblock on the top of your feet”, with Reece and Caitlin competing for redest sore-est looking feet!

We hiked south to Lady Bay first thing on Saturday morning, and did some raft building on Saturday afternoon.

In addition we proved that it doesn’t matter if you happen to leave behind the Marquee main pole :) Scouts can do it all!

Scouts Bike Hike to the Beach


We had a wonderful day for our Bike Hike to the Beach!

The scouts rode 25 or so kms (depending which start point they
joined at) and had a lot of fun on the way and at the beach. While
doing some good hard work too!

You can see photos here:…

District Water Activities - Scouts


We had a lot of fun at the District Water Activities Camp!

Considering how bad the weather forecast was, we were really very lucky – some showers and a bit of wind, but everyone got to do a lot of fun stuff.

You can see Martin’s photos here:…

Confgratulations Lloyd!


Pictured to the right is former Magill Scout Lloyd with Magill Group Leader Marco (Chief) at the official Scouts SA Awards Ceremony today. At the ceremony Lloyd was awarded the Australian Scout Medallion which is the top award in the Scout Section.

The Australian Scout Medallion that was introduced in 2003 to provide an additional challenge for our top Scouts. This Award brings together a number of key skills, or elements, learnt as a Scout into one project
covering the initial planning right through to the final self-assessment of a ‘project’.

The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest achievement possible for a Scout and
can be compared with the Queen’s Scout Award for a Venturer Scout.

Also today, Lloyd’s sister Rachael was awarded her Queen’s Scouts Award. Rachael also
started her Scouting career at Magill Scout Group and completed het Scouting awards at Tranmere Sea Scouts and then joined the Rowellan Venturer Unit at the Beaumont Scout Group to work towards her Queen’s Scouts Award.

Magill Cubs may remember Rachael while she was assisting with the Magill Cubs as part of her work towards the Queen’s Scouts Award. Cubs will also recognise Lloyd as he is also wel on his way to his Queen’s Scout Award and is currently currently assisting with Magill Cubs.

Congratulations to both Lloyd and Rachael with their well earned awards!

Scouts on Branch Hike


An impression of a scout morning on the branch hike.

Scout Hike - Heysen Trail to Mt Lofty

Dsc02219 Dsc02251

We had a great hike today from Bridgewater to Mt Lofty along the Heysen Trail.

Full of excitement, with flooded creeks and embankments to cross, it was the first serious hike for some of our junior scouts. They all did a fantastic job,

You can find some photos here:…

Scouts Term 3 Program (Initial)

The “big event” this term is the “Branch Hike”, which is being run in a new
format this year, “a la Easter Venture”.

Troop Camp and Adventurer Hike at Mt Crawford

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We were really blessed with very kind weather for our Scout Troop Camp in the school holidays! Big storms on either side, but the scouts had wonderful mild weather for their hikes and camping. Just a little rain on the last morning to remind us that the weather isn’t always so kind.

Check out all the photos that the scouts took on their 30km Adventurer hike, which went from the East side of Mt Crawford forest then via Chalks campground to Mt Crawford summit and on to Rocky Paddock campsite and the nearby fire lookout.…

Welcome back!


The Scouts had a great time at the Australian Jamboree 2010 in NSW were they spend a good 10 days filled with all sorts of adventurous activities and we saw a bit of Sydney too!

Now that we all had some time to relax and school has started again, it is also time for another year of Scouting.

And from what I can see, it looks like another full year of events, so check out the event calendar and talk to your section leaders about what is coming up.

Meeting times are like last year, so:

  • Joeys – Tuesday 6:15 to 7:15 PM
  • Cubs – Tuesdays 7:15 to 8:30 PM
  • Scouts – Mondays 7:00 to 9:00 PM

The pictures is showing the the AJ2010 Troop 728 of Magill and Southern Barossa posing in front of our Magilla Gorilla with Grapevines gateway.

Enjoy the coming year!

Marco Hess

Scouts SA goes "Totally Wild"

Last year October, Magill Scouts have participated in a number of stories for the popular television program “Totally Wild” on Network TEN.

The first story, Mountain Boarding at Woodhouse will go to air Nationally on May 19 at 7-30am in Adelaide – please check local guides.

2nd Adelaide, Gilberton, Beaumont and Magill Groups were involved in this story as well as ABC Cubs, Andrew Akkermans as MBM (Mountain Board Man).

Attached is an update on all the 11 stories that were recorded.

Scouts in swimming carnival

Congratulations to the scout that participated in the swimming carnival on Friday. Out of the 7 scouts from Magill we ended up with 5 that won one or more events in their age group! One of them won all 4 events that he participated in and only missed out barely on first place in the finals too. Well done all.

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