Camping Gear

Scouting started in 1907 with a camp in England and outdoor activities are still an important part of Scouting. Depending on the section (Joeys, Cubs or Scouts), the activity will vary a little in duration and challenge but the basic requirements are still going to be similar. One of the best people to advise you is the leader of the section that you are in, but the links on the left of this page discuss the basic camping items for a ‘standing’ camp (a camp staying in the same place).

Please ask your section leader if you have any questions about these suggestions or things that you might need for special activities.

It would probably be quite expensive if you bought all the items on this list at one time.

It is probably best to borrow from friends for the first camp and then to gradually buy items as you need them (Sleeping bag first, sleeping mat second, etc).

Remember that many camping shops will give you a discount as a scout if you show your card.

There are camping shops that concentrate on ‘car’ camping (Rays, Snowy’s and lots more) and others that focus on lightweight gear suitable for hiking (e.g. Scout Shop, Flinders Camping, Kathmandu and others on Rundle Street).

It is also helpful to think of things in terms of what you are going to do (e.g. run through the days activities in your mind), as it makes for an easy way of checking that everything is packed.

On the left hand side, there are links to a number of pages with additional topics or simply read on to the next section: Things To Wear

Attached below is a packing list for a ‘winter’ camp:

Last updated: almost 9 years ago