On most camps at least a short walk will be taken. It is usual to put things for these trips in a daypack. It should be large enough to hold raingear, a small first aid kit, food (if required) and water.

How much water will depend on the length of walk and the weather, but a 600ml bottle would only be suitable for a short walk (1 to 2km) on a mild day.

Hotter days and longer walks will need more. Only specially made water bottles should be carried in packs. Most bottles will leak and so are best carried on outside a pack. Cheap (but perfectly good) water bottles are available from disposal stores.

Hydration packs are a possibility, but are expensive and for normal scouting activities can be a bit of a gimmick.
Day packs come in all shapes and sizes. Cheaper ones are available through discount department stores.

The main difference between these and more expensive ones is that the more expensive ones are more durable, are better built and also usually have more features (pockets, securing straps and so on).

Daypacks are one of those items where borrowing is a good way of getting by until you establish your own personal preferences for types and styles of gear.

Last updated: over 11 years ago