Menu Planning

Eating well on a hike is one of the keys to its successful and happy conclusion. On the flip side if you don’t eat well you will get tired, fatigued, and feel sick, before the hike’s end making the entire experience for your patrol an unforgettable one for the wrong reasons.

Eating well is not a matter of taking lots of food, it’s a matter of taking the right food, in appropriate quantities, and where possible – in the right format.

Some Tips

  • Remove all excess packaging and place food into snap lock bags, e.g. Muesli bar wrappers removed and all put into the same snap lock bag.
  • Ensure the quantities are correct, e.g. If you only need a table spoon of oil then put a table spoon into a film canister and leave the rest of the bottle at home.
  • Your meals should be relatively quick and easy to prepare.
  • Choose recipes with the least and reasonably lightest ingredients.
  • Use a combination of long life and powdered milk.
  • Try to minimise the amount of tinned food you take with you.
  • Write on the outside of the food container which day and meal period that particular food is to be used.

Some No No’s

  • No two-minute noodles to be taken on camp for any meal. They are high in salt and provide little energy needed to recover after a days hiking or paddling.
  • Do not plan to have meats such as steak, bacon and sausages or frying eggs as the meat spoils quickly and can cause food poisoning and eggs are messy and hard to cook.
  • No soft drink or coffee
  • No Pancakes as they are messy, take ages to cook and for all the effort of cooking and cleaning they are quickly consumed.

Remember – you must carry your food with you!

Last updated: about 8 years ago