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As part of Scouting, there are a couple of things your child will need like a uniform and some handbooks. Details about these should be clear in the descriptions below, but if there is anything you are unsure about, please discuss this with the leader in your child section.


The uniform is an important part of Scouting in that it provides a sense of recognition and belonging to the group. It also provides a way for Scouts to show their accomplishments through the various badges they have earned and can wear on the uniform.

The base uniform consist of a navy blue shirt with each youth section using different coloured shoulder/sleeve stripes:

  • Joeys – Brown
  • Cubs – Yellow
  • Scouts – Green
  • Venturers – Maroon
  • Rovers – Red

For every section, the minimum required uniform items are:

  • Shirt (in the colour as described above)
  • Group Scarf & Woggle (Issued by the group upon investiture)

Also, for outdoor activities we require the use of a bucket hat or surf hat. “Cap” style hats are not recommended as they offer insufficient sun protection (particularly the ears and at the back of the neck).

For Cubs, Scouts and Venturers, we also recommend:

  • Stone coloured Zip-Off Pants
  • Navy woven Scout Belt

Record Books

All youth members from Cubs onwards are required to have a Record Book used to keep a record of their ongoing Award Achievements. The book is also an instruction tool for how to achieve the Awards. Record books are available from the Scout Outdoor Centre (see links below).


There are a number of very informative and useful handbooks produced for each section of the Scout Movement also available from the Scout Outdoor Centre in the ’’’Scouting Publications’’’ section.

Of these, My Adventure Into Cub Scouts is a resource for new Cub Scouts.

For Scouts the Field Book for Australian Scouting is good reference for anybody who loves outdoor adventure and covers adventurous activities such as bush walking and hiking, abseiling, boating, flying, snow activities; preparation and equipment for outdoor adventure; navigation; knots; construction; outdoor emergencies, and weather and catering for the outdoors.

Purchase of Uniforms & Handbooks

Uniforms, record books and handbooks can be purchased from the The Scout Uniform Shop section of the Scout Outdoor Centre (click link for address and location)

Uniforms can also be purchased online from


For uniforms look for “Scout Uniform” http://www.soc.com.au/uniformshop/11240, and then for the section that your child is in:

Record books and handbooks can be found in the Scouting Publications section, where you need to look for:

  • Stationery and Resources – Cub Scouts
  • Stationery and Resources – Scouts
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