Other Night Time Items


Along with a mattress, a pillow makes life more comfortable. This is not necessary – some people put a collection of spare clothes in the bag that their sleeping bag was stuffed in and use that. A normal household pillow will do although it can be bulky, or there are camp pillows at some camping shops that can be used.

A blanket can be used to provide extra warmth, either with a sleeping bag or by itself. There is a tradition in scouts of sewing badges onto a blanket especially for camp use. There are probably some examples that people in your section can show you. Remember to put some of the blanket underneath you so that you get added insulation underneath as well as on top.

One part of being comfortable at night is the right sleepwear. Certainly the clothes worn during the day should not be worn. Pyjamas are fine, or thermal underwear (long johns) are also good for warmth. Thick socks can be worn, but they must be clean and not yet worn – if there is any moisture in them (such as sweat), they will soon make your feet cold.

A couple of other things that are useful for nighttime use:

A Pair of Thongs

or (better still) sandals for trips to the toilet (easier and quicker to use than shoes). Thongs are also good for avoiding things like athlete’s foot in showers.

A Torch

there are two main styles used today. One is a conventional torch and the other is a headlamp. The headlamps are good as the wearer has both hands free, while the conventional style is usually more powerful and cheaper. Both types have their advantages, but a conventional torch is probably better to start with. A headlamp type can be added to your kit later if necessary. If they take rechargeable batteries, make sure they are charged. Depending on how long you will be camping, spare batteries are sometimes advisable.

Torches that require shaking, squeezing or other ways to generate electricity are not as convenient and should be considered carefully – perhaps as a back up for a battery powered torch. Chemical light sticks are sometimes taken on camp, and while there is nothing wrong with these, they are expensive and can’t be turned off once activated so are perhaps not the best things to have.

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