Route Planning

Scout hikes should be chosen to be ‘easy going’. Look at Naismith’s Rule – if you are going to ‘bush bash’ for any distance you will run out of time! There is no merit in doing an endurance march which will only put the Scouts off doing other hikes.

Go for something that is easy but challenging. For young Scouts just carrying a full pack for the duration of the hike is probably challenging enough for older Scouts adding a hill or two will increase the challenge.

Rather than design your own hike go on one that has already been planned – such as the Bibbulmun Track. These are designed for enjoyment, usually have shelter and water available, are along tracks (easy going) and are sign posted (safety).

Don’t go straight for a Green Cord Hike do some warm up hikes first – a Red Cord and a Blue Cord Hike perhaps. Use these to loosen up muscles and to check out your equipment. Don’t leave more than 2 or 3 weeks between the warm up hike and the Green Cord Hike.

Naismith’s Rule

See also's_Rule

  • Light easy going – 5 km per hour.
  • Easy going – 3 km per hour.
  • Heavy going – 1½ km per hour.
  • Thick bush, heavy going – ½ km per hour.
  • Climbing 500m add 1 hour.
  • Descending 1000m add 1 hour.
  • For every hour after 5 hours add 1 hour (for fatigue).
  • (1/3 reduction for fit experienced walkers).
Last updated: about 11 years ago