Things To Eat With


Food while camping in Scouts is generally varied but most times only a few utensils are needed to enjoy it.

Usually all that is needed is:

  • a bowl (for cereal, soups, casseroles and deserts)
  • a plate (for cooked breakfasts, grills and roasts)
  • knife, fork and spoon
  • a mug or cup (for hot and cold drinks)
  • a pair of tea towels to wash up with.

A good choice is enamel plates and cups from disposal stores – they are cheap, don’t damage easily and are robust. Ceramic plates and mugs can break and while plastics ones don’t have this problem some styles are not strong enough to do good service, or are not good with heat. Disposal stores also have inexpensive cutlery sets to go with the plates.

All these things go into what’s called a dilly bag. This can be a pillowcase, a shopping bag or something similar. Home-made drawstring bags are very popular. The basic idea is that the complete set can be left in a designated place ready for mealtime. Everything should be marked so the owner can be identified – sometime washing up is done as a group and with several items that look the same it can get confusing.

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Last updated: about 10 years ago